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Blockchain projects of real value for the world
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November 9, 2018

Blockchain projects of real value for the world

Arutyun Nazaryan
Editor of bistox.com
and BlaBla.Blog

Bursting into a human life like a hurricane, the blockchain technology began to gradually win the hearts of people and attract more and more followers. Every day there are more and more new amazing projects, each of which is created to improve a particular industry. But some of them create something absolutely beautiful, capable of fundamentally changing the world, creating a completely new way of existence of this or that industry. Others may get rid a specific industry of problem areas. We decided to look into the most revolutionary and breakthrough blockchain projects of our time, highlighting the most valuable and useful ones.

What projects are useful?

Among the many blockchain projects, it is quite difficult to select the most useful ones, since most of them are aimed at practical application, and the blockchain technology itself implies a qualitative improvement in the operation of any system, but for certain types of activities it is crucial to make a breakthrough. Choosing from the entire set, we identified the main branches of our life and select the most promising and high-quality projects that could become a real discovery.

Public administration

Nowadays, there are projects that significantly simplify the election procedure, make them more transparent and eliminate the possibility of falsification. Unfortunately, today, manipulations and falsifications are a serious obstacle to the development of a healthy democratic society. Democracy Earth and Horizon State projects have developed a blockchain solution to preserve the foundations of democracy — the possibility of holding fair elections. Reliability and security of the blockchain allows avoiding all types of fraud.

Exchange trade

Despite the fact that the first manifestation of the blockchain technology was the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the exchanges remained centralized for a long time. This created a serious obstacle to the development of the whole technology, because all the money of CEX exchange users is stored on the exchange itself and was often stolen by hackers. The solution was found in the Bistox project – the creation of a semi-centralized exchange, which allows to process up to 2,000,000 transactions per second, while maintaining a high level of security. All user funds are held by the clients, and the exchange acts only as an intermediary. Minimum commissions and p2p transactions create a real revolution in the cryptocurrency trading industry. The introduction of artificial intelligence D.A.N.N.I. greatly simplifies the entire trading process, creating special conditions for both professional traders and beginners. This is a real revolution in exchange trading, since all previous attempts to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange faced a lot of problems, in particular, a low transaction rate.

The Internet of things

The Internet of things is the totality of all devices connected to the global network. In fact, the possibility of creating such a technology has existed for a long time, however, developers often faced the problem of ensuring security, since total control over all devices at home can cause harm to humans. IOTA and Waltonchain are actively developing this area, combining the rich functionality of the Internet of things and the security of the blockchain. The symbiosis of the two technologies allows making the future closer and makes a person closer to modern technologies.

Power industry

Nowadays the problem of preservation of the environment, while maintaining the level of electricity production, is very important. The second problem of this industry is the presence of intermediaries who literally rip off consumers, inflating tariffs. The Power Ledger and Grid + projects almost simultaneously created projects to solve this problem. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it becomes possible to get rid of intermediaries, which will significantly reduce the cost of electricity produced. At the same time, special attention is paid to producers of electricity from renewable sources, allowing them to develop this industry.


The problem of preserving copyrights in the conditions of modern technology development is quite acute for publishers and authors. At the same time, in every part of this industry intermediaries keep a lot of money. Thus, the cost of goods is growing, but the authors do not receive a decent reward. Authorship and Mycelia projects create blockchain solutions for performers, allowing them to directly contact their fans. Thanks to the p2p relationship, a resilient and safe ecosystem is created in which each participant receives the maximum benefit.


Of course, the whole blockchain technology is still at the very beginning of its way, however, confident steps towards improving our life, creating a free and secure information society are already visible. Each of the presented projects is primarily aimed at creating a quality product that would satisfy the needs of all participants.

Some projects, such as Bistox, can certainly be called revolutionary, since they create something far superior to all known analogues. Of course, much depends on the speed of data processing and the blockchain itself, on which the project is based. Other start-ups still need to be improved or supplemented, since full implementation requires the development of not only technology, but also our society.

Arutyun Nazaryan
Editor of bistox.com
and BlaBla.Blog
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