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Bistox Bounty and Contests Distribution
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June 27, 2020

Bistox Bounty and Contests Distribution

Arutyun Nazaryan
Editor of bistox.com
and BlaBla.Blog

Y’all were expecting this for a while! 

All bounty and contests participants! Please pay attention to this announcement.

We are going to start distributing bounty / contests rewards to your Bistox wallets. 

If you participated in our bounties and contests, please fill this form carefully:  https://forms.gle/pqrMhC5sKEgCPWmDA

To get rewards, be sure that you are a verified user on Bistox Exchange. You can still verify your account during the next 2 weeks. 

The deadline to submit your data is July 10, 2020.

Please take in mind that after this deadline we will not be able to accept any requests for payments if you have not provided your email address in the form or have not passed KYC. 

Check the list of campaigns to be paid:

If the amount of your reward was fixed at BSX:USD ratio, it will be calculated at the exchange rate at the time of this announcement: 1 BSX = 0.10 USDT.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: don’t try to cheat us by entering incorrect/wrong information or impersonating other users. In this case, your account will be frozen.

Arutyun Nazaryan
Editor of bistox.com
and BlaBla.Blog
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